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Health More Chadstone Pharmacy is a community-based pharmacy near Chadstone established by pharmacist and pharmacy owner Edison Chen.


We are a chemist near Chadstone providing all kinds of medicine for medication, all well known brands supplementary medicine and healthcare products, skin care products and cosmetic products. Popular brands we work with including A2, artemis, BioGenesis, Biolsland, Maxigenes, Blackmores, Centrum, DU’IT, Ego, FatBlaster, Hubner, Jurlique, NATIO, Natural Life, Neurio, Restoria, Natural’s Way, and much much more. We are your one stop pharmacy near Chadstone with all your medicine needs.


Health More Chadstone Pharmacy also provides services including aged care and nursing home services, Blood pressure management, Blood sugar testing, Diabetes Australia & NDSS, Prescription management, Home medicine review, as well as baby & child health.


We offer free medicine delivery within 10km, including medication packing and script delivery as well. We can also provide sick leave certificate, or absence from work certificate. We strive to be your one stop medication medicine chemist near Chadstone, Burwood, Mount Waverley, Ashwood, Malvern East, Carnegie, Oakleigh, Murrumbeena, Ashburton, Glen Iris, Armadale, Clayton, Caulfield , and all surrounding suburbs.


We pride ourselves on providing friendly customer service, and our pharmacists are always available to give health care advice to all our customers.


Aside from general pharmacy services, we also specialise in aged care and nursing home dose administration aid services.


Don’t hesitate to contact Health More Chadstone Pharmacy if you are looking for pharmacy near you for medicine, chemist products or any of our services. Health More Chadstone Pharmacy will be your reliable pharmacy services and products provider.

Our pharmacist and pharmacy owner

—— Edison Chen

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